The Rail Industry

The Rail Industry

As part of the arrangements for the rail industry introduced under the Railways Act 2005 the Department for Transport has provided Guidance to BRB (Residuary) Ltd (BRBR) on how decisions on the release of property are to be made. The Guidance provided by the Department on 7 October 2005 has now been revised and expanded.

BRBR has established an autonomous Property Review Group, which is to determine whether sites owned by BRBR should be retained for rail or integrated transport use (“a transport use”), offered to the rail industry, devolved administrations or local authorities or released for open market disposal.

PRG undertakes consultation with rail industry stakeholders to determine whether a site has a realistic prospect of rail or other transport use in the foreseeable future.

The purpose of the website is to:

  • Set out the Guidance provided by the Department for Transport to BRBR;
  • Advise of current consultations and invite responses;
  • Advise of decisions to dispose of property reached by the Property Review Group.

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