Railway Advertising

Railway Advertising

There are two main types of advertising on the rail, there is the option to do sheet advertising internally on the coaches of a train or you can advertise on train platforms. Each of these methods is affective in their own way and targets certain audiences which may be of interest to your business, service or product.

With over 70% of all rail users being in a professional or managerial occupation; train station are a prime position to be advertising your business.

Advertising on a Train Platform

The average commuter will spend an average of 7 minutes waiting on a platform go to and from work, that’s a total of 14 minutes that they have to notice your advert and take note of your company or product that you provide.

When advertising in a train station there are a number of decisions to make; where do you want your adverts placed, corridors, platforms or ticket halls, and how big do you want your campaign? The leading provider of out of home advertising and specialists in rail advertising provide campaigns ranging from 4 sheets up to 48.

Advertise on a Train

Although statistics show this to be the less effective method of the two it still has its bonuses. When advertising on a train you would be reaching a lower number of commuters as opposed to the number of commuter on a platform but the commuters on the train could potentially spend a longer amount of time on the train and therefore it will be more likely that they will notice your advert.

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